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We identify, build and deploy state-of-the-art Business Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions.

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What AI Can Do

Track items visually

Lost luggage? No more! Support ancient slit-camera tag scanners with visual baggage tracking using real-time image classification and character recognition.

Customer Support
Accelerate with NLP

Time is best spent on the really important tasks instead of tagging emails. Let the machine sort out the rest with natural language understanding/generation.

Predict customer behavior

Recognizing patterns in customer behavior, predicting items and constantly improving that prediction is the next big step in your targeting strategy.

Pre-diagnose patients

It’s complicated and time-consuming to ask the right questions for diagnosing a patient. Let a self-guided intelligent anamnesis app figure it out instead.

Understand users diets

Entering nutrition data manually will annoy your users rather than encourage them to stay fit. Use a photo instead, and let the machine do the rest.

Service Scheduling
Predict appointment length

Ever had customers waiting for hours even though they had a precise appointment? Predict appointment slots based on past performance.

Are you planning an analytics or AI project?

Together we can discuss how your data combined with machine learning technologies can increase the performance of your organization.

Business meets AI combines cutting-edge technology competence with solid management expertise and a hands-on, solution-oriented mindset. Our mission is helping companies to make better decisions, gain new customers and increase profits.

Analyses & KPI Dashboards

We create transparency for your data-driven organization. From high level metrics to in-depth customer analysis.

Machine Learning Prototypes

Based on your ideas, we conceptualize, build and deploy your AI proof of concept. From first workshop to software implementation.

Predictions & Simulations

How can your business grow best? Through in-depth mathematical modelling and forecasting, we help you understand future trends.

Optimization & Automation

Inefficiency is unnecessary! We optimize your costs and increase profits using automated business processes.

Technology Experts

Johannes Hollmann

Johannes Hollmann


Johannes is a big data specialist with a strong background in top-management consulting. For over a decade he handles massive amounts of data to drive productivity in global companies and corporations.

Johanna Appel

Johanna Appel


Johanna is a machine learning engineer with a background in IT, mathematics and innovation management. She developed complex software systems and intelligent applications for international organizations.

Darina Onoprienko

Darina Onoprienko

Deep Learning Specialist

Darina is a data scientist with a background in Innovation. She is a leading expert in the field of image recognition technologies. Among others Darina developed intelligent quality control systems for the coffee industry.

Oliver Sieveke

Oliver Sieveke

Machine Learning Expert

Oliver is a machine learning engineer and expert in natural language processing. He received a rigorous training in pure mathematics and analytical philosophy from Oxford University.

Laura Drasovean

Laura Drasovean

Junior Data Scientist

Laura is a data scientist with a background in archeology. She is an expert in geo-location and image data analysis and has been working with terabytes of data generated at archeological sites.

Customer Voices

Benjamin Bremmer

Benjamin Bremmer

CFO @ everphone GmbH

Altura did a great job increasing transparency on all levels of our company! They designed and implemented cloud based fully-automated sales dashboards for us, that help us to manage our operations more effectively.

Dr. Gillian Holdsworth

Dr. Gillian Holdsworth

Director @ SH24 CIC

Altura helped us to save costs and improve our customer support experience. They found ways to accelerate the performance of our support team by conducting advanced statistical analysis on our data and leveraging machine learning technology.

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